Do you want to live and lead with greater impact, purpose and joy?

We’ve found that leadership is often an inherently lonely place. 

The higher up you move up in an organization, the fewer people you have to go to.  It’s a powerful thing to have someone outside of your context who accepts you, believes in you, and is committed to your growth.

That’s what we’re here to do for you.

There’s simply nothing more powerful than someone who accepts you unconditionally, believes in your potential, actively listens to you, and works diligently for your success by providing high levels of encouragement, insight, and accountability.

It may be just the thing you are looking for.

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About Trailhead

My name is Jeff Nikkel and I founded Trailhead Coaching out of a passion for helping executives and business owners thrive.

We love working with successful leaders who are hungry for more – more success, more freedom, more impact, more joy.

Will you join us?

Client Stories

The reality is that I’m now achieving things both personally and professionally beyond what I ever imagined…

Chris F.Executive Vice President

Engaging with Trailhead Coaching has been one of the best things we’ve done as a company to develop leaders.

George L.President/CEO

Working with Jeff has given me the confidence to pursue goals, that, until this point in my career I have seen as unattainable.

Chris K.Vice President - Sales

He has challenged me to quit playing small, to identify my false and limiting beliefs, and to lead more courageously.

Gary W.Financial Advisor

Jeff has helped me start living a life that is rich, full, and vibrant, trading in black and white for color.

Sarah S.Inside Sales

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