Trailhead Coaching Solutions

1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Guiding executives and business owners through a five-phased process designed to help them live and lead with greater impact, purpose, and joy.  Clients will become more effective and courageous leaders, overcoming obstacles, accomplishing goals, and living better stories.

Executive Group Coaching

Guiding executives through the same coaching process mentioned above, but within a group of peers.  This collaborative context is ideal for discovery, learning, and transformation.

Organizational Clarity Consulting

Ensuring that your company’s values, mission, vision, and short-term priorities are crystal clear; that everybody in the organization knows his or her part to play and how success is measured; and that everybody is pulling in the same direction.

Organizational Health Consultation

Ensuring that the organization’s executive leadership team is healthy, unified, and behaviorally cohesive.  We will help your senior leaders build trust and respect with each other, normalize conflict, improve communication/feedback loops, and increase performance.

Leadership Development Curriculum

Helping mid-level managers develop the necessary skills to thrive in higher, more complex leadership roles.  This six-month class is highly personalized, creative, comprehensive, and impactful.

Leadership Growth Cohort

The Leadership Growth Cohort is a 6-month interactive program introducing participants to leadership concepts, using a blended-learning approach that balances lectures with open discussions, video clips, associated assignments, and recommended reading material.