Trailhead’s Leadership Growth Cohort

The Leadership Growth Cohort is a 6-month interactive program introducing participants to leadership concepts, using a blended-learning approach that balances lectures with open discussions, video clips, associated assignments, and recommended reading material.

Expect to be challenged and encouraged while exploring leadership concepts, methods, and ideas that can be immediately employed in your personal leadership journey. Along the way, you will receive personal feedback and guidance from a qualified facilitator with extensive business and leadership experience.  To reinforce learning and application, monthly assignments are given that must be completed prior to the next session.

The program itself includes monthly facilitator-led sessions, ranging from 4-6 hours, with each centered on one of the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Leadership
  • The Process of Becoming a Leader
  • Knowing and Leading Yourself
  • Values-Driven Leadership
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • The Future of Leadership

Cohort Learning Objectives

At the completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between Leaders and Managers and be able to outline common concepts and methodologies utilized by both
  • Articulate your own personal leadership “Time Line” and identify specific boundaries, phases, and life events that have shaped you personally
  • Define and communicate your own personal top 5 leadership strengths and leadership dark side traits
  • Describe your core, emotive value structure that drives your outward behaviors
  • Apply the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQi) score to your personal leadership journey and create strategies for improvement
  • Answer the question for yourself and others…. “Who am I as a leader?”

Further Details

  • To maximize the learning experience, each session is kept to a maximum of 6 attendees
  • Personal, face to face attendance required
  • Attendees do not have to all be from the same company.  In fact, a diversity of experiences maximizes learning!
  • Facilitator is willing to travel

Leadership Growth Cohort Info!